Tips for Job Fair Success

Local job fairs are a great way to connect with companies, network, and advance your career. These events are typically fast-paced and draw the crowd, so it’s important to be equipped with go-to strategies to impress potential employers quickly. From resume building to style tips – there are many ways to ensure that you are prepared to leave a positive and lasting impression and land a job that is a great fit for you.


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Importance of Job Training and Skills

At Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona, we are dedicated to ending poverty through the power of work. We believe that job training and job skills are so important for individuals who are seeking employment. Through our career services and job training programs, we’re empowering individuals, strengthening families, and building stronger communities.


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Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

Working and having a career is something that most of us will do for a majority of our lifetime. Though work is a large part of life, it should not be your life. In order to maintain physical and mental wellbeing, it is essential to adopt habits that promote work-life balance. Whether it’s setting a schedule, taking a vacation or looking for a new job, there are many ways to ensure that work does not lead to burnout. 


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How Computer Training Courses Help You Land a Job

When you think about your dream job, what does it look like? What is your schedule? What kind of daily tasks are you doing? Are you managing others? You may have this vision of what your future career looks like, and that’s a great thing.


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8 Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Internship

If you recently landed an internship, congratulations! An internship is a great way for students or those making a career change to gain valuable work experience. Most internships are offered for a short period of time, so it’s important to make the most of your time. 


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How to Land That Job

Goodwill and ABC15 Arizona had a quick chat about how you can land your next job! Lea Graham, senior manager of marketing & communications talked about how having a positive attitude, being professional, and keeping a good relationship with a recruiter can easily land you a job. Be sure to watch this video before you set out for your job interview or meet with recruiters!


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How to Nail Your Video Interview

Goodwill sat down with ABC 15 Arizona to talk about preparing for a video interview. Courtney Nelson, VP of marketing and communications gave some valuable tips about checking your technology in advance, researching the company, making sure you select a spot that isn't loud or full of distractions and more. Check out this video to make sure you're ready for your next video interview!


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How To Create a Resume That Lands You the Job

At Goodwill, your generous donations help support our mission of fighting unemployment in Arizona. Proceeds help us fund our no-cost career centers that provide individuals with job resources, like resume review and interview training.


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How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions

This is a big step in landing a job. An interview means that your skills align with the job description, and the company wants to learn more about you. Heading to a job interview for a job you really want can be nerve-wracking, but there are some things you can do to prepare and make you feel less anxious.


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